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(This story is told under the viewpoint of Brolli Diamondback when he was unconscious)

It all began when I woke up on a lush field of grass, and I got up and it seemed like there was an infinite amount of grass. I look to see a tree and 2 people in white robes, so I walk over to them and they notice me. I hesitantly say "H-Hello?..." and they give me a warm smile and the black and short haired one says "Hey, how's it going?", I reply with a shrug, because I was kind of confused at where I was... The brown but long haired one tells me "You've got human legs, you must be visiting, or something...". I look around again and ask " Where am I visiting, exactly?" The black haired one gets up from the ground and replies "The spirit world, my boy. Land of the deceased and what-not". I grow horrified "I died!? This can't be!!!" I screamed and began to tear up. The Brown haired ghost lady gets up and gives me a warm and calming hug, a hug that a motherly figure would bestow to a son, and she tells me "You're not dead, like I said, you're not wearing a ghost triangle or ghost legs". I calm downed down but I asked "How am I here?". The black haired one tells me "I don't know, but you remind me of my kid, how he wore a blue hakama and matching head wrap, he even had black curly hair like yours..."
Yeah, This is all happening while Brolli was still asleep from recovery. He visits the spirit world and notices two figures, who might they be?
Abbster266 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking forward to the rest of it
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